Making cupcakes can be so much fun! But sometimes, you might need a bit of help to make them just right.  That's what friends are for! After all,

There is No "I" in Cupcake!

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The townspeople of Allendale are a fun bunch!
Create your own story with these coloring pages!

Ms. O'Sharen sure does have a green thumb! She loves to garden!

Mr. Scott loves the outdoors! You can find him riding his bike or picnicking in the park.

Family is the most important thing to these two sisters!

Doc Hopkins loves to sing the blues, and he's happy to do it!

Bogs is most at home in the water! The beach is his favorite place!

Count on Rocket to whip up some delicious food in the kitchen!

Everyone wins when there are cupcakes involved!
Design your own cupcake trophy!